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Aromatic Functional Materials

Institute of Organic Chemistry, PAS

The last Tweets

Do you need to perform semihydrogenation of alkynes without bothering of chemo- and stereoselectivity ? Check this out and reach the efficiency with simple system ! @GrelaGroup @IOC_PAS @NCN_PL @ChemistryWorld
Our green TADF OLEDs made by our postdoc, Krzysiek Bartkowski. I am looking forward to see more and more which are under investigation at @Politechnika in hands of Prof Data group #FluorescenceFriday @IOC_PAS @PAN_akademia @NCBR_pl #LiderXi @NCN_PL
Simple reason why we love synthesis of our aromatic species with #aceglass @ChemistryWorld @IOC_PAS lindner_marcin photo